Live Chat Bridged to Discord or Slack

Add a chat to your site and reply within your channel for customer service and more!

bridger example
slack example

Customer-service-channel is all you need!

Talk to users makes you more insightful! Through Bridger, just reply new messages on Discord or Slack channel!

One User, One Thread

With Bridger, you will connect a channel to your site. Each new visitor chat will get sent to your Slack or Discord channel as a new thread, so that multiple users can talk to you at the same time, and all you need is to reply within the thread.

discord example
discord example
Data Ownership

We don’t collect or save any chat data, Bridger only passes messages as a medium between your channel and the Bridger front-end chat widget.


Why use a costly customer service platform when you can use Bridger, the most lightweight live chat widget loved by site owners who want to talk to their users.

discord example
discord example


Bridger works well on both mobile and desktop devices, you can also personalize the Bridger CSS style by yourself or with our help!


Basic plan
Features Included:
  • Reply from Slack or Discord
  • Customizable widget appearance
  • One chat widget routed to one channel
  • Unlimited plain text message, no embedded links, no images
Professional plan
/ Month
Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Up to 5 chat widgets
  • Up to 5 channel for message routing
  • Embed links in a message
  • Support message formatting with markdown
  • Support file upload
  • Support email message notification
Partner plan
/ Month
Everything in Professional, plus:
  • One-on-one dedicated expert from our team for set-up and customization
  • Up to 20 chat widgets
  • Support enterprise email to continue dialogue

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